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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Yesterday, Idea Cellular Ltd (Rs.90) touched Rs.91, intra-day. So, both the short term targets given on this blog has been achieved in just a couple of days Those who have made money in the scrip, should send me.....what??!! You decide....LOL. However, you can always share 10-15% profits with me, if you have made money through my recommendations in this blog...

My Recommended HDIL yesterday touched Rs.56.65, before closing at Rs.55.80. I am soon expecting a break out above Rs.57.50 if this rally continues. 

Energy Development Company Ltd (Rs.21), did not close below the immediate support levels, on closing basis; though it went to Rs.20.10, during the intra-day. What to do with the scrip?

There is not stopping of Shilpi Cable Technologies Ltd as the stock hit another buyer freeze yesterday. The scrip closed at Rs.19.70. I recently recommended the scrip to the Paid Members, at around Rs.17 -- after that the stock is hitting continuous UCs. I will recommend another such scrip. If anyone is interested to know the name, then they can either join my Premium Group or Trade through BMA Wealth Creators Ltd, with a minimum portfolio size of Rs..1 lakh. BMA Wealth Creators Ltd is one the biggest brokerage houses in the Eastern India;  having branches all over India. 

Future Enterprises Ltd (Rs.49.95), yesterday closed below a major support level. The stock could not test the intermediate lows. 

Monday, October 16, 2017

Yes, it was another good day for the bulls as the Nifty made a new record high, after it broke out of trading range with buying across segments. The Nifty managed to close above 10,200 mark after two and a half months. The rally in the market is likely to continue till the Deepawali, following which the much anticipated correction could occur. However, the causes of worry is that the stock of RIL closed flat at Rs.875.20. Shilpi Cable Technologies Ltd (Rs.17.70) was locked in the UCs till the end the day. You should accumulate the scrip on intra-day dips.

Idea Cellular Ltd recommended in this blog today at around Rs.81, soared to Rs.83.55 today. The stock is moving towards Rs.87-91. 

Energy Development Ltd (Rs.21.05) today broke a major support level. If Rs.21, does not hold, then the stock could test the intermediate low made at the beginning of this month.

HDIL today closed flat at Rs.55.70. I am expecting the stock to give a break out above Rs.57.50 very soon. The company has a good project pipeline, land bank and execution skills; though its balance sheet  is slightly leveraged. Moreover, the anemic flow of credit to the real estate sector is likely to ease as the Deepawali is approaching. However, the companies in the sector are battling a fall in sales due to economic slowdown, following demonetization. One encouraging point is that: in March this year, Godman Sachs Singapore Pte, bought 28 lakh shares of Housing Development & Infrastructure Ltd (HDIL) at an average price of Rs.83.90.

Future Enterprises Ltd today closed at Rs.50.45. After a sell call at Rs.54-55, the stock could never cross this range. If Rs.50 is broken on a closing basis, the stock could test its recently made low. 

I will recommend as small  cap to the Premium Group soon. If anyone is interested, they can either subscribe to my Paid Service or they can trade through BMA Wealth Creators Ltd, one of the largest brokerage houses in the eastern India, with a minimum portfolio size of Rs.1 lakh.  
Market Pulse
Shilpi Cable Technologies Ltd recommend on last Friday at around Rs.17, hit another buyer freeze at Rs.18.70. Where is the stock heading? Join the Premium Service and get 24x7 assistance over Whatsapp, E-mail and even through Mobile phones. I will recommend another such stock either before Deepawali or next week. Those who will opt to trade through my associated brokerage house BMA Wealth Creators Ltd with a minimum portfolio size of Rs.1 lakh, will get the name of that scrip, which is also likely to cover the cost of your Premium Subscription (if you are not interested to trade through my recommended brokerage house), if you invest Rs.1 lakh in that stock. 

Energy Development Company Ltd today touched  an intra-day high of Rs.23.50 and intra-day low of Rs.21. It is now trading at around Rs.22.55. As long as the scrip does not break Rs.21.60 on closing basis, there is no cause of worry for the bulls. 

Gitanjali Gems Ltd today touched Rs.70.90 intra-day and is now trading at around Rs.69.85. The traders are suggested to exit the scrip, as the jewelry demand has fallen by 30% according to the latest media report. You can shift to HDIL at the CMP of Rs.55.65. 

Those who are holding the stock of Reliance Power Ltd (Rs.40.55) from Rs.39-40 onwards are suggested to sell the scrip on rallies and enter or Idea Cellular at Rs.81 for targets of Rs.87-91.

A strong sell call of booking profit, was given on the scam tainted Prakash Industries Ltd at Rs.138, on last Friday on the rationale that it will find a very strong resistance at around Rs.142-143. The stock today made an intra-day high of Rs.141.50, intra-day low of Rs.132.30 and is now trading at Rs.135.50. Hope you could make money in this free call of mine.

Reliance Naval Engineering Ltd (Rs.51.20 today crashed to Rs.50.45, intra-day, after a sell call was initiated on the counter last Friday at around Rs.53. The company did not come up with good set of numbers for the September, 2017 quarters. You should exit the scrip.

Brokerage Call: T+1/BTST: Buy Cipla Ltd at around Rs.605-606, SL: Rs.596, T: Rs.622...

On the macro front, India's merchandise exports rose by 25.67% to $28.61 billion in September 2017 over September 2016, helping the trade deficit narrow to $8.98 billion, the data released by the government after market hours on Friday, 13 October 2017 showed.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) Chief Christine Lagarde reportedly said that the Indian economy is on a solid growth track in the medium and long term due to the structural reforms undertaken by the government, and the current slowdown due to implementation of the goods & services tax (GST) and demonetisation is short term. The IMF has last week lowered India's growth forecast for 2017-18 to 6.7% from its earlier estimate of 7.2%, citing lingering impact of demonetisation and transition cost to GST.

Stock markets remain closed on Thursday, 19 October 2017 on account of Diwali Laxmi Pujan and again on Friday, 20 October 2017 on account of Diwali Balipratipada. However, markets will remain open for Muhurat trading on Thursday, 19 October 2017. The Muhurat trading session on account of Diwali Laxmi Pujan will be held between 18:30 IST and 19:30 IST on Thursday, 19 October 2017. I wish you and  your family/friends, a very Happy Deepawali.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Yesterday, was another good day for Premium Members, as Shilpi Cable Technologies Ltd was recommended a buy before the market opening. The stock came down to Rs.16.55 giving ample opportunities to the Paid Members to enter. The scrip at the end of the day again hit the Upper Circuits at Rs.17.85, much to the joy of the Paid Members. What is the Buzz in the scrip? Join the Premium Group or trade through www.bmawc.com with a minimum portfolio size of Rs.1 (one) lakh and get 24x7 assistance, through Whatsapp, E-mail and even through Cell, in emergency situations. 

After my sell call on Unitech Ltd at around Rs.7.40, the stock could never cross Rs.8. Yesterday the scrip closed at Rs.6.30 in the NSE. Similar is the case with Future Enterprises Ltd, after my sell call around Rs.54-55 - it was never been able to close above this range. The stock of Future Enterprises Ltd closed at Rs.50.35 in the NSE yesterday. Gone are the days, when every Tom, Dick, Harry could make money from the stock, at ease. The market at present has become so competitive, that even the experts sometimes make huge losses. If a new comer or a non-professional wants to make money from the share market on a consistent basis, then the guidance of a "Market Guru" or a Veteran in the trade is very  essential. See, even a "Road Sweeper" or a Scavenger Sing Songs and Kishore Kumar Ganguly also sang or Dr.Arko Pravo Mukherjee also does playback -- there is a difference isn't it? Fluke does not work, all the time!!

Energy Development Company Ltd, an Amar Singh and Jaya Prada, enterprise closed at Rs.22.25 (near the day's low) yesterday, after hitting an intra-day high of Rs.23.85. Where is the stock heading?

Reliance Naval and Engineering Ltd, though approved the Rights issue, but the company did not come up with good set of numbers for the September, 2017 quarter, as the sales fell while the interest cost shot up. You exit the scrip at around Rs.53 and enter HDIL at the CMP of Rs.55.65. HDIL is likely to give a close above Rs.57.50 soon. HDIL has one of the highest land banks among the Mumbai based real estate companies. 

The Scam tainted and BJP linked (If I remember correctly: Arun Jaitley was once its lawyer) Prakash Industries Ltd yesterday touched Rs.140.40, before closing at Rs.138.60. The stock is likely to face stiff resistance around Rs.142-143 -- so book complete profits. If you remember, I had recommended this stock several times from Rs.42 onwards. 

The traders can accumulate Gitanjali Gems Ltd (Rs.69.85) during intra-day dips for targets of Rs.75-77. It is a no-brainer that most of the Jewelry stocks rises before the Deepawali. Keep a SL  of Rs.66.

The Nifty  spot closed at 10,167.45 and was trading at a P/E of 26.41 on 13 October, 2017, much higher than the new normal of 19. Therefore, I expect correction at any time or the moment the stock of Reliance Industries Ltd (Rs.877.35) stops jacking up the indices.  This unusual phenomenon happened during 2005-2008 period also -- so nothing new. The Reliance Group is known for such outlandish movements, since the time of Dhirubhai Ambai, who was more of a stock market punter than a hardcore businessman. When RIL starts to give such unusual movement, it generally indicates the end of the current trend. So, be careful and don't take too deep long positions in the future market. Stay Light -- Stay Tight with your SLs.

Monday, October 09, 2017

In the morning write up, I mentioned about identification of 5 scrips which could give good returns to the traders in the short term. These scrips was given to the Paid Members and also to those who are trading with a minimum portfolio size of Rs.1 lakh, through my associated brokerage house, yesterday night and today morning before the market opening. Now let us look at these 5 scrips and their performance today, in the bourses:
1. Videocon Industries Ltd (Rs.16.65), was recommended a buy at the opening bell at 9.15 am. The scrip gave scope for the traders in the opening hours to enter before hitting the upper circuits.

2. Energy Development Company Ltd was given a buy at Rs.18.50, with a SL at Rs.16.40 on the news of Indian Energy Exchange IPO. The stock hit the upper circuits at Rs.20.45 in the BSE. Where is the stock heading?

3. Gitanjali Gems Ltd was given a buy with a short term target of Rs.82. This is a no-brainer as most jewelry shares rise before "Deepawali". The scrip hit a high of Rs.74.75 in the BSE, before closing at Rs.72.40.

4. A buy call was initiated in Reliance Naval and Engineering Ltd at Rs.51.50, before the results. The stock hit an intra-day high of Rs.53.15, in the BSE before closing at Rs.52.7.

5. Reliance Power Ltd was recommended a buy with a target of Rs.47-51. The stock hit an intra-day high of Rs.41.35, before closing at Rs.41.05.

Apart from these scrips, pick of the week from my associate brokerage house www.bmawc.com was also sent to the Premium Group members.. 
It was buy of the shares of Infosys Ltd at Rs.920, with a Stop Loss of Rs.885, for Targets of Rs.955-968. The scrip touched intra-day high of Rs.928.60 in the BSE,, before closing at Rs.923.65.

Join my Premium Service or trade through my associated brokerage house with a minimum portfolio size of Rs.1 lakh and get all these Free of Charge. You are already trading through some brokerage house/s.....you just need to change the brokerage house and get the shares transferred to BMA Wealth Creators Ltd, one of the largest Financial Conglomerates in the Eastern India.

You can send me a mail at: suman2005s@rediffmail.com or sumanm2007s@gmail.com.
Market Pulse
It has  been long that I  have posted in this blog, after an attack of Malaria. The disease takes a toll on
Photo: missrsterczek.com
your health and makes a person very weak. I am slowly recovering from the sudden blues. 

Anyway, the market, after a brief correction  is moving up basically due to Reliance Industries Ltd [Rs.837.05] and some metal shares like Tata Steel Ltd [Rs.691.45].
There is no guarantee how long this forced rally will continue as the markets are likely to open in a negative note today, tracking the global markets. According to the latest media reports: Reliance Industries Ltd has decided to exit one of its three upstream shale gas assets in the US for $126 million. RIL had bought a 60% stake in it for $392 million in 2010. So, how the shares of Reliance Industries Ltd are rising, even after this loss and due to its telecom brinkmanship in RJio is a question!!

Anyway, I have identified 5 (five) stocks for the clients which could give good returns to the investors before "Deepawali", if and only if this rally holds water. These five stocks are from various sectors, including power, defense, etc. If anyone, wishes to know the names of these stock, they should either trade through my recommended brokerage house or go for yearly subscription. 

Now, few points, I would like to mention here on some news which appeared on pink dailies: 
1. The ET writes: 
Banks face the prospect of haircuts or `loss on defaults' of up to 50% on Reliance Communications debt, according to Goldman Sachs. That's despite the Anil Ambani-led telco looking to cut its Rs.47,000-crore plus debt via alternate asset sales after its merger with Aircel was scrapped. 
This will further aggravate the pains for the shareholders of RCom Ltd [Rs.17.1], whose share is trading near its 52-week low price; after the  disruption created by RJio and NDA government's high spectrum prices shook the sector.  

2. Jaiprakash Associates Ltd [Rs.19.9] have been moving up since the last few days on some news of debt cut, though nothing has happened on ground, till date; as the company reels with a debt of ~Rs.30000 plus crore.. The company said its board had approved the transfer of certain assets and liabilities, including a debt of over Rs.11,834 crore, to its subsidiary Jaypee Infrastructure Development Ltd as part of its efforts to cut the overall borrowing of the company. But this is just an arrangement, will  not lower the real debts of the company. The stock is not likely to go above Rs.22, in the short term. 

For more such inputs and 24x7 help through Whatsapp and E-mail, you  can go for my yearly package or trade through my recommended brokerage house, with a minimum portfolio of only Rs.1 (one) lakh [Special Deepawali Offer]
You are already trading through some brokerage house or the other -- you just need to shift from that, into my associate brokerage house. This will also help me cover up some of my costs and you will get everything for Free. Your sincere co-operation is solicited, for Mutual Benefits.
For the time being Super Special Call Package has been kept on hold, due to uncertain market conditions. You can send me a mail at: suman2005s@rediffmail.com / sumanm2007s@gmail.com.

Thursday, October 05, 2017

Tit - Bits
1. J P Associates Ltd (Rs.19.25), still has a debt of around Rs.30000 crore; against this, it has an order book of around Rs.10,000 crore. The share price has a face value of Rs.2. There were talks of two crucial deals -cement sale to UltraTech for Rs.16,200 crore and the Rs.13,000-crore land bank arrangement with the bankers, but nothing happened till now. Do you think that the shares of a company which has so much  debt can trade at around Rs.100 (if we take Rs.10 as the Face Value)? Exit!!

2. Reliance Industries Ltd (Rs.822.45) continues to get pumped up by the vested groups, even through the International crude oil prices are not going anywhere and its telecom segment is making losses. The stock could see sudden correction. When the shares of RIL starts to rise continuously, it means we are at the end of current rally... 

3. Reliance Communications Ltd (Rs.17.05), says the application for withdrawal of tower biz demerger filed on Oct 3, RITL tower demerger scheme will be taken up later with required changes. Stay Away. 

4. The stock price of Unitech Ltd (Rs.6.55, Face Value: Rs.2) and J P Power Ltd (Rs.7.35) has not gone anywhere, after sell calls were given at Rs.7.40 and Rs.8.20 respectively in this blog last month. While in case of Unitech Ltd, the Chandra brothers, are continuously in news for wrong reasons, apart from its humongous debt pile, J P Power is likely to get  affected due to its associate with J P Associate and fall  in the Wind Power tariffs. Stay Away.

5. The stock of B F Utility Ltd (Face Value: Rs.5) is still trading at around Rs.408.45, even as the wind power tariffs are sinking. The stock could see swift correction to around Rs.340.

6. Jaydev Mody-owned Delta Corp Ltd (Rs.208.80), Face Value: Re.1)  is  undoubtedly one of India's largest gaming and hospitality companies, but it has an EPS of Rs.2.84 and book value of Rs.34.58. Do you think the current price of justifies its valuation?

Market Pulse
I am still not well, though a little better than before. The treatment is going on, in KEM Hospital Ltd, Bombay whose doctors/nurses, including the entire administration is generally rude and unsympathetic; like many of the government hospitals in India -- unless we go suited and booted in an Audi...Huh!! Apart from that, its medicine OPD closes too early -- that is also a hindrance.  The entire hospital is being run by Junior doctors who prescribe medicines and tests, at will. In other words its service has deteriorated too much, since I first visited in 2011. May be: an increase in a number of cases, due to exorbitant charges in private nursing homes is one of the causes -- but that cannot be an excuse from the part of the government of Maharashtra to give basic medical facilities to its people -- especially from those from the underprivileged sections of the society; who cannot afford the fees of the  private nursing homes. Mumbai Metropolis (its suburbs and  adjoining districts) has few government hospitals as compared to its population density -- the BJP government should look into this......even if they have like that in Vasai West, they are poorly equipped and cannot be trusted for acute ailments. At present I rate the NNMC in Vashi, Navi Mumbai as the best government hospital in the city, though it is not as mammoth as Sion Hospital or KEM Hospital. 

Anyway, according to a report in Money Control: The Nifty moved above the crucial resistance level of 9,900 on Wednesday, but failed to close above its crucial level of 9920 levels. The index has recovered by 50 percent of the entire fall from 10,178 to 9,687 and now the next hurdle is 61.80% retracement at 9,980-10,000 zones.

Recently, the Reserve Bank of India's governor warned that the government needs to be cautious on fiscal stimulus even as the economic growth slows. The MPC warned that any economic stimulus along with farm loan waivers could push up the fiscal deficit by 1% points accelerating inflation. It further said that the combined fiscal deficit to GDP ratio could increase by around 100 basis points in 2017-18. This highlights my concern for the market, which is trading at an abnormally high P/E ratio, with no improvement in the economy at sight. 

However, the Nifty is rising basically because of the RIL  which closed at 819.20 or up 2.61%b yesterday. Remember a basic saying in Dalal Street: When Reliance Industries Ltd starts to rise it indicates that the end of the rally is round the corner. 

I don't hold any position, except some old shares like Kohinoor Broadcasting, Genera Agri Corp Ltd (Rs.5.95), etc. 

The moot point is what when the retail investors, starts to sell all the support levels break. Therefore, be cautious and do not take excessively - deep - long - positions 

Monday, October 02, 2017

An Important Notice and Market Pulse
I have been diagnosed as suffering from Falciparum Malaria, caused by Plasmodium falciparum - the deadliest parasite in humans, causing a conservative estimate of one million deaths every year. The doctors of Bombay's reputed King Edward Memorial Hospital or KEM Hospital prescribed me R-Nate Forte (Artemether & Lumefantrine) and a series of other drugs and tests. Since, I am seriously ill, I will take leave  from Facebook for sometime. However, I will update the free Finance Blog from time to time.

Now coming to the share market, I feel the  market is ready to go down further as the implementation of GST without a proper framework is likely to create more disruptions, especially in the SME sector, hitting the rural economy badly; which provides the basic labour force for such space. The whole economy has been rattled by the twin miseries. The large corporate  players like L&T  are delaying salaries, while the SMEs are cutting jobs.

According to an article on the Economic Times, Indian stocks were the third-worst performers among leading emerging markets in September as foreign portfolio investors pulled money out of the country at the fastest pace since November last year amid a slide in the rupee. Market participants said foreigners shifted money from the expensively valued domestic shares to cheaper destinations on worries that corporate earnings growth will take time to revive. 

Abhay Laijawala, head of research at Deutsche Equities India said in an interview in ET: "FII (foreign institutional investor) outflows will continue. Generally, they are pulling out money from EMs (emerging markets) in response to normalisation of policy by the Fed and in expectation that ECB (European Central Bank) could also look at tapering when it meets in October".  Foreign investors have sold Indian shares for the second month in a row in September.

The current state of the market is far worse to the one in calendar 2003 in terms of economic fundamentals, but surprisingly we are way too high in terms of valuations.

The S&P BSE Sensex rose more than six times from the low of 2,904.44 hit in 2003 to hit high of 21,000 in 2008 and now we are at 31,283.72, more than 10.77 times. 

PE Ratio of Sensex is one of the most basic & fundamental thing that is seen by investors while investing in equities. Sensex PE Ratio can tell you the valuation of the market (overvalued, undervalued or rightly valued). 

In earlier days, the alarming bells would start to ring if the P/E of Nifty hovered above 15, but then many experts post NDA government came to power thought New normal for Sensex PE could be 19.

But we don't have the optimism we had in 2003, as it will take time for the economy to recover from the twin shocks of Demonetization and implementation of GST in a very amateurish manner. I also doubt whether the GST will be too beneficial for the long term, inspite of the NDA government's loud rhetoric of "Acche Din".

The Nifty50 was trading at a PE of around 14 times back in 2003. Now the Sensex is trading at a P/E of 23.41 and Nifty at 25.44 much higher than even the latest "New Normal" as is decided by some of the most optimist experts.

Therefore, with RBI probably keeping the rates steady in the next meet and not much hopes of corporate earning improving, I don't think the Indian markets will move up too high from here; at least till this Deepawali. In fact after the RBI policy announcement, there is high chance that a crash of the market might take place.

In such a situation, I would suggest the traders to sell on rise and refrain from taking fresh LONG positions, unless the government of India comes up with some Stimulus packages. But then a stimulus package has the propensity of creating stubborn inflation.

The moot point is: the NDA Government has messed up everything in the Indian economy and has made it sick and infirm. It is therefore time that a good doctor cures the diseases inflicted upon the Indian economy  by the current dispensation in Delhi. The Nifty may test 7905 once again. However, individual stocks could perform in their own capacity.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Market Mantra
1. Profit Booking was suggested in Future Enterprises Ltd at around Rs.54-55, the stock is now trading at around Rs.48, after touching an intra-day low of Rs.46.65 in the NSE. Congratulations to all those who could make some money from the scrip. 

2.  Today's Calls
(a) Buy Rajesh Export at around Rs.756, SL: Rs.744, T: Rs.778-789 on T+2 basis. It is a gold manufacturing company headquartered in Bangalore, India. The company produces more than 35% of the world’s gold. It is also the largest Indian gold exporter. The festive season, is likely to increase the demand for gold jewlery. However, this is a short term call as according to a recent media report, India's gems and jewellery exports is likely to decline by a staggering 30% in the financial year 2017-18 due to unfavourable government regulations and trade restriction from the Gulf countries.
(b) Buy Reliance Industries Ltd at around Rs.821-822, SL below Rs.810, T- Rs.834 on T+1 basis. Very recently, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), more than halved the interconnect usage charge (IUC) to 6 paise a minute from the current 14 paise and said it would be brought down to zero paise from 2020. In such circumstances, RIL’s telecom arm Reliance Jio is likely to create more disruption in the sector as the order by TRAI will leave it with piles of cash while hitting finances of its rivals. 

3. Profit booking was suggested in Energy Development Company Ltd at around Rs.24-24.50, to the Paid Members on last Friday, the stock hit the lower circuit today at Rs.22.55 in the NSE.

4. Profit booking was suggested in Simplex Infrastructure Ltd at around Rs.47-48, the stock today came down to Rs.40, and can fall to Rs.38.

5. Profit booking was suggested in Abn Offshore Ltd to the Premium Group members, last week at around Rs.195--192, the stock today is now trading at around Rs.178, the recommended buy price.

6. Profit booking was suggested in Jaiprakash Power Ventures Ltd, at around Rs.8, saying that it may not go above Rs.8.20, a couple of weeks back in this blog. The stock hit the Lower Circuits today at Rs.7.15.

7. The stock of Jaiprakash Associates Ltd (J P Associates Ltd) may fall to to Rs.13. So, if you entered at around the recommended price of Rs.7-8 and have still not  booked profit, please do it now at around Rs.18.

8. The Super Premium Call hit the UC, but a HOLD on buy has been suggested on the scrip, due to uncertain market conditions. So, for the time being, this week's Super Premium buy call has been CANCELLED. 
Join Paid Service, to make genuine money from the markets. This time it is one to one, communication through  Whatsapp, Facebook and even through Mobile Phone; so that your stock market related queries are resolved faster and effectively. The charges have been increased to Rs.15,000, from Rs.12,000, from this month.  

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Market Roundup
The fourth recommended Super Premium Call: Jai Balaji Industries Ltd gave almost 20% return from the recommended price of around Rs.11 - 11.40. The scrip today closed at Rs.13.30, up 4.31%, after touching an intra--day high of Rs.13.35. The steel stocks are expected to do well in the coming days. One of my earlier recommended steel stocks, Tata Steel Lt at around Rs.217, gave multi-bagger returns in the last 18 months. The stock closed at Rs.687.65, after making a 52-week high of Rs.693.
The 5th Super Premium Call is ready for recommendation.. Those who want to invest in that scrip can deposit Rs.15,000 by tomorrow morning or they can subscribe to my Premium Service or trade through my recommended brokerage house to get 2 (two) such calls absolutely FREE of Charge. In case of spot payment they would get such calls till they do not get back the subscription charge of Rs.15,000 on a portfolio of Rs.1 lakh.

Energy Development Company Ltd hit another buyer freeze in the opening trade today at Rs.23.15 in the NSE. I have given a target of Rs.27-31 for the scrip, subject to certain conditions.

Unitech Ltd (Rs.7.35) gave some upward movement today but could not close above Rs.7.70. This stock have been falling to Rs.6.70-7 and then giving some stray movements after some days, indicating operator - play. I do not see any future of the stock, in the short term. However, if you have a time horizon of 18-24 months, you can take a risk with a SL at Rs.5.

Mandhana Industries Ltd (Rs.7.95) today closed near the days high of Rs.8.10. After consolidation the scrip could now attempt to cross the zone of Rs.11-12. The ace investor, Rakesh Jhunhunwala holds stake in one of its sister companies.

The fourth Recommended  Scrip of the Super Premium Calls has hit another Buyer Freeze. The name of the stock begins with the letter"J" (Hint: I have recommended this share, several times earlier). The name of the stock will be disclosed after it gives at least 20-25% returns. It has already given ~15% return. So, those who have started with a portfolio of Rs.1 lakh and paid Rs.15000 for one year subscription has already got their money back [15% return of Rs.1 lakh is Rs.15,000]. If you have lost money in the share market, please don't lose hope, keep trying with fresh capital, with more stronger research -- I am sure, you will definitely succeed. 
However, in this kind of market, it is becoming increasingly difficult to make money on a consistent basis, without the help of experts (....even they fail in some occasions, because of inconsistent government policies, accompanied by global uncertainty and fickle market conditions) or unless the investor/trader has done adequate research and have the relevant experience. Also, don't come to share market unless you have at least Rs.50, 000 to Rs.1,00,000 in your kitty or portfolio. It will be a waste of time, if you spend your energy and time to get only Rs.5000 return on a capital of Rs.30,000 -- better invest in FDs or Government Bonds or for Booking Real Estate Projects (...but this has become pure gambling now).

Those who are interested in Joining my Premium Service can send me mail at: suman2005s@rediffmail.com. The overseas investors can open demat accounts in the name of any of their close (mother, father, brother, wife, etc) relatives in India and start trading; instead of opening an NRI account. Only thing is that: they have to issue cheques on their names. 

Energy Development Company Ltd (Rs.22.05), an Amar Singh and Jaya Prada company has hit another buyer Free Yesterday. Those Super Premium Group members, who have invested in this scrip around Rs.17-18 has already got more then 20% return in short time.

Future Enterprises Ltd (Rs.52.30)after hitting a high of Rs.62.20 is not going anywhere during the  last few weeks. The Charts are also not showing much promise except a "Hammer Like" (not hammer) yesterday. In such circumstances, I would suggest you, to sell the stock and invest elsewhere. 

Jai Prakash Power Ventures Ltd (Rs.7.39) yesterday hit a low of Rs.6.65 intra-day before closing at the Upper Circuit at Rs.7.39 in the BSE. The traders should note that unless the scrip closes above Rs.8.20, it will vacillate between these two ranges.

After my sell Call on Unitech Ltd (Rs.7) at Rs.7.40, it has not gone anywhere, during the last few weeks. The investors/traders should sell the scrip and invest in more promising stories